Once upon a time little boy had a dream to have a fish tank. His dream became reality, after his dad gave one to him as a present. The the tittle boy was very happy. He was going to fish swaps with an empty pickle jar in his hands to get some fish. Time was passing by and the little boy was not little anymore, but still had the same passion for the fish. His basement already was filled with the 60 fish tanks with all kinds of fish from around the world. More time passed by and ... Read More

Peacock mantis shrimp

One of the strangest and most unusual animals we can keep at home would be Peacock mantis shrimp. I always dreamed to have one. One day I saw one in a dealers tank. I was amazed looking at him from up close – it had a unique look with both eyes moving independently in different directions. I have never realized how intelligent the animal was who has been staring back at me. After a short observation by both party’s (shrimp at me,me at the shrimp)my decision was made. I took the little fella home with me. Seems like after couple of days he started to recognize me. I ... Read More